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If you are a father interested in exercising your parental rights, you probably have a number of questions and concerns. Paternal rights cases can be emotionally difficult and legally complex. It is important to work with an attorney who can help you through the process and protect your interests.

At the Law Office of Melissa E. Loveless, I represent fathers in paternity claims and other fathers’ rights matters. I can provide you with sound legal counsel and personalized representation throughout your case. I represent fathers and other interested parties in the Texas area surrounding The Woodlands.

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Many fathers are surprised to know that in most cases, their paternal rights are not automatic. If your name is on the birth certificate, you are only the presumed father under the law. To establish your place in your child’s life and maintain that important relationship, it is often necessary to establish legal paternity.

I help clients in a range of paternal rights scenarios, including:

  • Establishing paternity for child custody and visitation
  • Establishing paternity for fathers who were never married to the child’s mother
  • Representing clients in divorce/parenting suits when the mother became pregnant from someone other than the husband

It is important for fathers and mothers to know that paternity works both ways. For fathers, obtaining visitation rights will also mean assuming child support responsibilities; and for mothers, winning a paternity suit for purposes of receiving child support will also mean that the father will most likely receive visitation or custody privileges. However, with that being said, visitation and child support are not interchangeable in that you must always follow your orders. If one parent is not paying child support, the other parent cannot withhold the child and vice versa.

I am not only an attorney, but also a counselor of the law. I can talk with you about all of the implications of your paternity case, so you can make informed decisions going forward.

Other Parties’ Right To Visitation Or Custody

In some cases, parties other than the children’s parents could have rights to visitation or custody. Grandparents are the most common group in this category. Any interested party that has standing can fight for these rights.

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