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After The Divorce Is Finalized

When the divorce mediation or litigation has ended, and the divorce is finalized, it is not the end of the story. Especially when children are involved or support has been ordered, the details of a divorce have to be lived out for years to come. In many cases, either one of the spouses does not live up to the court’s orders in a divorce, or the details of the divorce need to be modified due to substantial changes in circumstance.

As a divorce modifications lawyer in The Woodlands, I help Texas clients with modifications and enforcement of divorce orders or other suits affecting the parent-child relationship. I focus on providing clients with the most efficient, effective representation possible, backed by a personalized approach and a commitment to serving my clients through every aspect of the legal process.

I am not only an attorney, but also a counselor of the law. I will be the main point of contact for you throughout your case, and I will personally walk you through every phase of the process to make sure your needs are met. Contact me to learn more.

I help clients enforce or modify divorce orders involving:

  • Custody
  • Visitation
  • Child support
  • Spousal support
  • Other aspects of the divorce decree


Many modification cases involve changing child custody, visitation, and/or the child support. In many cases, the court understands the need to alter provisions in the order, but it will only approve modifications if there has been a substantial change in circumstances. For instance, for purposes of relocation, this change needs to be significant, like a job relocation or sick relatives in need of care. For modifications in support, the change can involve a job loss or sudden illness or injury — something that drastically alters one party’s ability to pay or the amount of support needed.

I also handle cases in which the parentage or suit affecting the parent-child relationship took place through the attorney general’s office. These orders are more standardized, and they are usually more open-ended in terms of the support and custody orders. These orders often need to be modified to protect the noncustodial parent’s rights and relationship with the children. They require the assistance of quality legal counsel.


I help clients enforce divorce orders. When one of the parties is not following the orders in the divorce decree, I can file for contempt of court or other legal measures to make sure justice is served. It is important to note that divorce enforcement is one of the rare times that you could be eligible to receive attorney fees from the other party, so if we win your case, it will cost you virtually nothing.

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