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At the Law Office of Melissa E. Loveless, I represent clients through all aspects of child custody and visitation disputes. Whenever possible, I use mediation instead of litigation to help my clients settle their disputes amicably and efficiently. When mediation is not an option, I am prepared to protect my clients’ interests in the courtroom as well.

There is a shift happening in Montgomery County, and the trend is most likely going to spread to the surrounding areas, requiring co-parenting classes for all divorcing parents. I can help you find the most convenient classes and make sure the certification is filed with the court.

Contact me to discuss your case. I represent clients in the Texas area surrounding The Woodlands.

Child Custody Lawyer ∙ Parenting Plans

In a divorce involving children, the divorcing parents will craft a parenting plan that details the contingencies surrounding custody and visitation. The parenting plan can either be determined by the couples themselves in divorce mediation, or a judge can hand down the parenting plan in litigation.

In terms of custody, in Texas, there is a presumption of joint conservatorship, meaning both parents may participate in decisions about health care, schooling and other important aspects of the children’s lives.

Texas courts also have a presumption for geographic restrictions. This means that parents cannot move with the children outside of a predetermined area without approval from the other party or the court. In Texas, the geographic limitations include the county and the neighboring counties in which the parents and children lived, but no further.

Visitation ∙ Standard Possession Orders And Expanded Possession Orders

In most cases, visitation can be a standard possession order (SPO) or expanded standard possession order, with the details laid out methodically. However, in cases where the child is 3 or under may be modified from the SPO, or if there are issues with one of the parents such as the abuse of alcohol or drugs or if other unusual circumstances exist.

Modifications And Enforcement

After the divorce, if the other spouse is not complying with the parenting plan or if the parenting plan needs to be changed to accommodate a substantial change in circumstances, I can help you enforce the divorce order or petition the court for a divorce modification.

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