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Child support is a sticky issue for many people. If you are facing a divorce as the parent who will need support, you know that raising your child will be costly. If you are likely to be the paying spouse, you want to make sure your child has the needed support, but you do not want to pay more than necessary.

As a child support lawyer serving The Woodlands area of Texas, I can represent you in your child support dispute and other divorce-related issues. I consider myself more than a lawyer; I am also a counselor of the law. I will help you understand your rights and options in the legal system and walk you through every aspect of your case.

One of the best methods for providing efficient, effective child support services is by emphasizing mediation rather than traditional litigation in my practice. Mediation will almost certainly save you money, keep the control over the outcome in your hands rather than in a judge’s hands and help you maintain the working relationships that will need to be intact for years to come. Contact me to learn more.

Determining Child Support In Texas

For the most part, child support is standardized in Texas. The courts will use predetermined formulas to establish the amount of child support to order, based on a percentage of the paying spouse’s net monthly income per child. The percentage goes up for each additional child (so, for example, one child will require 20% and two children will require 25% and so on), however, there is a cap on child support.

Determining the net monthly income is itself a specific formula, which includes the cost of the children’s health insurance premium as well. I have the experience to provide you with an accurate assessment of the support orders you are likely to receive from the court. I have a network of accounting and financial experts that I work with in the more complex support disputes, as well.

Alterations From The Child Support Formula

Generally, the court uses the statutory formula for determining child support, but if the child is disabled in some way or if other extraordinary circumstances exist, there is the possibility of convincing the court to deviate from that amount.

Protecting Your Interests And The Interests Of The Children

Whether I am working with clients, the other party’s counsel or judges, I try to keep everyone in the frame of mind that raising a child is costly, and these costs will continue at least until the child is 18 years old or out of school. Protecting the interests of the children and making sure they receive adequate support is one of the most important things I do as a lawyer.

I can help you through the child support process, or help you with child support enforcement or modification after the divorce is finalized.

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