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At the Law Office of Melissa E. Loveless, I represent Texas clients in a range of divorce and family law matters, including contested divorces and uncontested divorces. I am more than a lawyer; I am a counselor of the law. I will provide you with sound legal counsel and focused advocacy through every stage of the divorce process.

Contested Divorce In Texas

Most divorces are contested. Even in cases when the parties feel like they are looking for an uncontested divorce, it is probable that they will disagree on some aspect of the divorce. It can be something as controversial as custody or property division, or it can be something more benign, like deciding who gets the dog or cat.

If any aspect of your divorce is contested, you need a contested divorce attorney serving The Woodlands who can help guide you through the child custody and visitation, child support and other issues.

There are several different layers to the process of handling a contested divorce. I can help with every phase of the process, from the temporary orders through the trial. Even after the trial, I will continue to help you make sure all of the details are handled after the divorce is finalized.

Uncontested Divorce In Texas

Although it is rare, some divorces are truly uncontested, and there is nothing disputed between the divorcing spouses. In these cases, the process is very simple. After meeting with an attorney to draw up and sign the papers, the details are brought before a judge for a prove-up hearing, which will be the only hearing you need to attend. Then, after a 60-day waiting period, your divorce can be finalized.

I can help you through all aspects of your uncontested divorce, to protect your interests through the process, help with all filing requirements and represent you at the prove-up hearing.

Common Law Divorce

Technically, there is no such thing as a common law divorce. A frequent misconception is that, if two people live together long enough to obtain a common law marriage, they can just split apart for a common law divorce, but this is not true. It is still essential to obtain a legitimate divorce to handle the child custody and support, division of assets and other essential matters that will arise.

Protective Orders ∙ Restraining Orders

I represent clients in need of:

  • Protective orders: Protective orders are orders from the judge for one person to stay away from the other. Usually, protective orders arise from some incident of domestic violence or reasonable fear of violence.
  • Temporary restraining orders: Temporary restraining orders are less severe than protective orders. They usually involve things like excluding the parties from accessing bank accounts or assuming possession of certain disputed properties.

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